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Please do NOT book a clinic appointment for a COVID-19 test if you currently have any symptoms or have been exposed to someone who was tested positive.

Please check the Government website before traveling from and into England at https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

It is the customer’s full responsibility to get information regarding the travel destination restrictions. We recommend you to visit the official Government’s website of each country that you are traveling to or coming from.

If you require any help regarding the updated travel restrictions please contact us via email at info@londoncovidtesting.com. Please state in your email the departure point and destination, vaccine status and travel dates.

Please read carefully our cancellation policies and please note no refunds are available for Day 2 and Day 8 packages.

Please note our standard results are guaranteed within 12 – 24 h.

Please note we do Day 2 and Day 8 tests in our clinic and YOU ARE ALLOWED to leave the house for your test only!

Test to release appointment or future appointments can also be agreed in the clinic on your Day 2 appointment. 

If you want the SELF – HOME TESTING KITS please purchase via https://www.londoncovidtesting.com/home-test-kit/

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